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These services are intended for those who are not wholesale jerseys Binlogic customers but do not have RDBA or 24 hour Support services and need to schedule a support case without anticipation.

Credits can also be purchased for use if necessary. These credits are pre-purchased and apply when requesting operations or emergencies.

It is necessary to apply the tariffs of the following table if they are scheduled with 3 days in advance or more.

When is an emergency considered and when not?
Any resolution of support that is scheduled with a minimum of 3 days of anticipation enters in the rate chart of Technical Support of Normal Rate that is detailed below.

If you want to avoid the costs of this type of services we recommend to hire our services of Remote Support or DBA Remote

  • 08:00 a 18:00 GMT-3/ CET
  • 18:00 a 08:00 GMT -3/ CET
  • 08:00 a 12:00 GMT -3/ CET
  • 12PM a 00:00 GMT -3/ CET


If you are not a Binlogic customer but you have an inconvenience and need an emergency support you can do this by contacting us as soon as possible, by writing a ticket on the form at the end of this page or by skype.

When to use ER:

When your production servers are down and you need urgent assistance for the retrieval and posting of your databases.

A support service that has not been programmed in advance and is required by the client with a minimum of 72 hours in advance.

SKYPE FOR EMERGENCY: support.binlogic
By region and time zone

From 9 to 20 Argentina
from 20 to 09 Argentina


So that we can enter your system and perform the correct controls we do it as follows and under the following parameters:

The customer must provide us with access by:

SSH, VNC or Remote Desktop or using a VPN for later access through the aforementioned services.
The mysql user must have SUPER privileges so that we can perform the necessary tasks.
SSH user should be able to access where the files, General Log, Error Log, My.cnf and other files if necessary.
In cases where the client does not have these options can do it with Teamviewer